“Least of Brothers”

Roy W. Dean Summer Grant

Dear Dr. Anthony Raimondo

Congratulations!  You are in our list of finalists.  You were chosen from over 150 other filmmakers.  We think your work is exceptional. 

You will now go to another set of judges and they will choose 10 finalists to send to the final set of judges who pick the winner.  The good news is that your name will be on our web site for 1 year.  During that time, use this for public relations and marketing your film.  The list of names will be up in about 2 weeks. 

We will also announce the winners via Facebook.  We are posting one a day during August until we have all 33 finalists posted.

If we need anything we will email or call you.  In the meantime know that you are talented and we appreciate the films you are making.


Regards, Carole Dean

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Log Line:

An individual’s encounter with a homeless man leads to a possible blessing.


In Matthew 25: 40 and 25:45 Jesus tells us what we do or did not do for the least of his brothers we have done or did not do for him. The dirty smelly homeless man is the least of our brothers. The series shows a number of individuals who find it in their hearts to do a kind deed to this homeless man without any thought of reward. Each of these individuals, struggles with their own personal problems, of illness, and unemployment. Yet, they have the faith and the compassion to help this homeless man, the least of brothers. Due to their kindness does Christ return the kindness with a blessing?

Mirela David to play                         Jared Dante may play

 Angela Peligrino                              John Franco Salerno

Salvatore Do Costa may play       Andy Davoli may play Joey

play Domenick Pelligrino                  



Dr. Anthony Raimondo                       T. A. Williams

       Author/Director                            Co-Director